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Brighty™ is the most advanced teeth whitening LED device available on the market today. Our technology delivers superior results utilizing the highest quality materials and mixture to produce radiant and long lasting whitening effects to years of yellowing and even the most resistant stains.

In fact, we are so confident in our product and its ability to produce results that we have instituted a 100% Money Back Guarantee that you will see minimum of 2 shades whitening effect from first point of initial use through the first week or we will re-reimburse the full amount of your purchase. Please see our return page in order to be eligible for this offer.


The Brighty Difference


We don't believe in cutting corners. This belief serves the basis for our brand, and vision in ensuring that we are serving both our consumers and market alike with an unparalleled experience with the highest quality whitening product currently available on the market.

Each device contains 32 of the brightest LED's that we could incorporate into our design with 3 Light Modes (Blue, Red and Red/Blue). The Blue mode focuses on Teeth Whitening. The Red Mode targets Oral Sanitation and reducing Gingivitis. The Dual Red/Blue Mode achieves both effects simultaneously.

Our Whitening Gel contains a specialized blend composed primarily of Carbamide Peroxide and other natural ingredients to ensure that your teeth with shine brilliantly while reducing sensitivity. Our gel has been shown to effectively whitening teeth by up to 8 shades. We guarantee that you will see a minimum of 2 shades of whitening or we will refund your purchase.