User Guide & Instructions

Brighty™ Teeth Whitening Instruction Guide / User Guide describing proper use of the Brighty LED Device and Gel Pen


Step #1

Rinse mouth with warm water and gently scrub with finger to loosen any particles on teeth. Avoid brushing with toothbrush 1 hour prior to use as this can cause an increase in sensitivity during gel application and device use.

Step #2

Remove top from gel pen and twist bottom of pen to bring gel towards the tip of the pen. An small amount of gel goes a long way. Paint the liquid onto the tooth surface and try to avoid the gum as as much as possible. This will ensure the majority of the application resides on the surface of the teeth and will limit the exposure to the gums.

Step #3

Insert the LED device into the mouth and tap the top one to enable the 15min Blue Light Whitening Mode. Tap twice to enable the 10min Red Light Anti Bacterial Setting. Tap top of the device three times to enable the Dual Red/Blue Mode to maximize use and effectiveness of both light settings together.

Step #4

At the end of a session, remove the device from your mouth and proceed to rinse your mouth out once more with warm water and spit the contents into the sink.

Step #5

Complete the final step by rinsing the mouthpiece of the device in warm water and air dry. Store in a dry place.